District Frequently Asked Questions

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Bus Bulletin mentioned in STN Magazine, April issue, page 36.

Bus Bulletin is designed specifically for district transportation departments; with only one purpose. . .

To provide a pupil transportation notification system that enables you to quickly communicate important transportation information in a manner that requires minimal time, effort, and training.

WTVY News Story on Bus Bulletin from BusBulletin on Vimeo.

We Host, We Configure, and We Support
Unlike systems that require you to provide a dedicated server and IT support staff – Bus Bulletin is hosted on our secure servers and we provide all of the necessary support. We believe that there is no one more qualified to configure and support a system than the people who designed and built it.

Implementing Bus Bulletin in your district is a fast process and you can expect to be fully operational within 24 hours, and often within the same day. Collecting the necessary data normally takes less than 30 minutes; simply provide a list of schools and send us your route data (which can be exported from your routing software in less than 5 minutes).
Because Bus Bulletin is hosted on our servers, we configure everything for you. Just send us your data and start using it the next day.

Sending Notifications
Sending a Bus Bulletin notification is simple and fast, with just a few steps. For most notifications, it requires 4 mouse clicks and less than 10 seconds:

  1. Enter a bus number.
  2. Choose the routes/schools that are affected.
  3. Choose the message (Delay, Substitute Bus, Accident, Emergency, etc.)
  4. Click the Send Notification button.

Within 20 seconds parents, students and school administrators will begin receiving messages.

Parents maintain their own contact information
Parents register online to receive Bus Bulletin notifications and maintain their own contact information. Parents may enter multiple contact numbers and can choose how they wish to be notified.